Christmas Shopping

Christmas can be expensive.

On average, we each spend 5,700 kroner on Christmas presents.

But some of us go way over our planned Christmas budget

The Christmas rush is on in the shops.

- Are you Christmas shopping?

- Yes

On average, each of us spends 5,700 kroner on Christmas presents.

Many use more money than they had intended.

In fact, nine out of every ten Norwegians don’t even have a budget when they do their Christmas shopping

- Do you have a budget for Christmas gifts?

- No, we don’t do that.

- But we know roughly how much money we have to use on presents.

Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl has a good tip for shoppers.

You can find a bargain.

- It has never been easier to bargain hunt for presents.

You can check prices on the internet.

If you find something cheaper elsewhere, the big chain stores will match the price.

In the warehouse of toy shop Sprell, there’s a lot to do.

They also have a web-shop.

In recent years, more and more people have started to buy their Christmas presents on the internet.

Over half of us buy at least one Christmas present over the web.

Although it may not seem like it,

not everyone is spending like there is no tomorrow.

I buy very little.

I think it is lovely to eat Christmas dinner together with my family.

We could forget about presents altogether as far as I’m concerned.