King Harald

Since 1814, the norwegian constitution has declared that the king is sacred.

But as you’ll see, the constitution has just been amended…

Look closely at these pictures.

This is the first time that King Harald the fifth is performing official duties as “not a sacred person”

The Norwegian parliament has voted to change the fifth paragraph of the constitution, which says:

«The King’s person is sacred”

«he cannot be censured or accused.”

The bit about being sacred, is no longer in the constitution.

The way this was formulated was in many ways messy and should,

in my opinion, have been removed at the same time as the previous constitutional changes about the relationship between church and state.

It is strange that the word “sacred” was still used.

Most people associate it with something religious,

but there is no foundation for it to remain in our constitution.

There doesn’t need to be any kind of religious reverence to the king.

We have huge respect for him, and will continue with the legal immunity,

which prevents the position of king from being prosecuted.

Do we know what the king himself thinks about being sacred?

Not that I know of.

I don’t think he worries very much about it.

But there’s one king who did get around the parliament’s unanimous decision.

St. Olav, who died in the battle of Skiklestad in the year 1030, can still be referred to as “Olav the Holy”.

The parliament didn’t do anything about that.

As usual on the 8th May, King Harald took part in the celebrations of the

anniversary of the liberation and veterans’ day at Akershus festning in Oslo.

TV2 got in touch with the royal palace,

who didn’t have an official comment about how His Majesty the King,

according to the constitution, is no longer a sacred person.