Youth and role models

Young criminal gangs from the east of Oslo have been all over the news this Spring.

Artist EHI from Stovner believes that the young need good role models, and more opportunities in their free time.

The sound of this voice grabbed the attention of record company Universal.

- Hi, I’m Ehi. And Welcome to Stovner.

Stian Ehiabhi Omole Jensen, who goes under the artist name Ehi, struggled at school.

- I had problems fitting in, school didn’t work for me.

- I wasn’t stretched.

In recent years, gang culture has given Groruddalen a bad image in the media.

Stian has strong opinions about why young people find themselves on the fringes of society.

It’s the responsibility of those who closed down youth clubs.

It was at youth clubs that the interest in music blossomed.

- That’s where I got to sing, and to be seen.

- I showed that I could actually do something, even though I didn’t fit in at school.

- When I think about Stian, I think about a fantastic voice.

- My aim is to be able to live off this and to reach out to people. And to be allowed just to do it!

At work at Tøyen skole...

... Stian gets to test out his music.

- Can you remember… that you get to listen to my songs?

He believes children need role models from people who have the same background.

- I think it makes it easier to see your own future.

If you see someone who looks like you doing it themselves.

When I grew up, there wasn’t anyone like me on TV.

There was no-one to identify with. No-one whose skin colour was anything other than white.

- Are you a role model?

- I hope I can be. Yes.