Have you ever dreamed of performing stunts in the movies?

Well, there's now a school for people who want to be stunt performers.

But just getting a place at the school means you have to be tough and practice hard.

If you’re learning to be a stunt performer, your body will feel it.

Silje is working hard to climb to the peak.

Her goal? To achieve an official qualification as a stunt performer.

I don’t have much experience with martial arts,

so I am learning something new and testing my strength.

I also don’t have any previous acting experience. This is a whole new challenge.

What is your dream?

Action. Hopefully with horses.

Something like Game of Thrones or similar.

Silje’s hobby is to perform stunts on horseback.

I want to try something new. To challenge myself.

Also, it’s because I want to turn my hobby into something I can earn money with.

This stunt performance school has been run privately for many years.

But the first semester with official grades and study points started in August.

…to audition for international productions, and more!

The banana will be here…

The instructors have a lot of experience from big films like Spider-man and Batman.

The first tough stage is complete.

Next week, Silje will find out if she passed the entrance exam.

I think it’s a lot of fun. Surprisingly!

Do you want to keep going?

I sure do! I want to continue with this.