Colourless Oslo

These days, most new buildings are colourless.

But what might this mean for people and for towns?

Colour designer, Dagny Thurman Moe wishes Norwegian buildings were more colourful.

She believes towns can lose a bit of their identity when they are colourless. So she coloured in the Barcode area of Oslo herself, to see how it might have looked.

This is an example of city planning without character .

Designer Dagny Thurman-Moe has grown tired of seeing Norwegian buildings built without colour.

From the sea, it’s hard to see the shape of the opera house.

It merges with the surrounding buildings.

It’s become a kind of grey porridge of buildings.

Towns all over Norway have become, or are becoming,

generic. There’s no sense of where the buildings are.

This means that many towns are in danger of losing their identity.

They are becoming places that could be anywhere.

The designer has coloured in the Barcode buildings to show how they might have looked.

And she believes that Norwegian building traditions are such, that we should in fact do it.

Humans are products of nature.

We function better in surroundings with pleasant colouring.

I don’t think we should make things look like the circus. But we should use sophisticated,

calming colours which bring out warmth and well-being all year round.