Exchange store

When you «pant» bottles, you get back the small deposit you paid when you originally bought the drink.

But to “pant” clothes? It’s unlikely you’ve done that!

But in Trondheim, Sarah Elise Gjedal has opened Norway’s

first clothing shop where customers can exchange their own clothes for money.


Do you have some clothes to exchange?

Yes, I’ve got some with me today.

Great, let me take a look.

Sarah Elise takes in used clothes, shoes and accessories.

- Yes, we’re calling it «pant”

- Because the customers bring clothes back to us.

They get paid 25 percent of what we think we can sell the clothes for.

The 22-year old discovered the concept of a clothing exchange in the USA.

I’ll give you 113 kroner for that.


Now she has started Norway’s first pante-butikk here in Trondheim.

We look for seasonal items. Right now, it’s springwear.

To be sell-able, the items have to be reasonably new, in good condition and clean.

I think this concept is cool, where you can bring stuff in and get money back.

Supporting reuse in general is important.

Sarah Elise is an environmentalist as well as an entrepreneur.

That’s why I started this up.

I want more people to think about the environment.

It’s a great way to get rid of old clothes.

There is so much overproduction…

... so it’s good to cut that down a bit.

And reuse some of what is already out there.

That fits you pretty well.

After 6 months, business is good.

She doesn’t have any budget for marketing..

... but she uses social media.

Next to the entrance we have what we call a trend table.

The latest thing in is this jumper. It’s very popular, it only came in today.

Items like this sell quickly.