The opera

Recently, the Norwegian Opera and Ballet celebrated 10 years since they moved into the Opera house in Bjørvika.

The Opera House, with its striking architecture and spectacular waterside location,

attracts thousands of tourists each year.

The red carpet is being rolled out behind us,

in preparation for the arrival of his majesty the king.

Soon the anniversary performance will take place.

Many well-known cultural figures will also be here to see the special performance.

Since the Opera House opened 10 years ago,

three million have paid to come and see performances here.

But it’s also outdoors that the Opera House generates enthusiasm.

More than 15 million people have been on the roof of this magnificent building.

All of this creates real enthusiasm, both inside and out.

- I think the building is absolutely fantastic

Impressive both outside and inside, even for those on stage.

- Wow. My turn, this is going to be fun.

Martin is a soloist in Heimferd, part of the anniversary performances.

Now it’s the dress rehearsal.

Breath from the stomach, do your best!

Absolutely. Can’t do more than that.

Since the opening 10 years ago,

There have been several thousand performances on this stage.

600 employees – wardrobe, electricians, carpenters, actors, dancers and singers...

You were fantastic!

I’m embarrassed. Roses make me blush.

And the building, which has been called ugly, has gone from a duckling to a swan.