There are 2.4 million postboxes in Norway.

And now, as well as receiving post, you can now send your letters and packages your own postbox. This is a new service from posten.

But as you’ll see, Eivor has already been doing this for years.

We’ll need the waffle batter from the fridge.

77 year old Eivor Dahl is expecting a visitor.

We’ll need coffee.

They’ll come from over there.

But first, she’s writing a card to one of her grandchildren.

Get well soon.

Posten wants to make it easier to send letters and parcels.

From Monday, you don’t need to go to the post office.

So what’s new?

You can now send from your own postbox.

You don’t need to go to the post office, or to a shop.

You buy a digital stamp over the internet,

and then choose whether you will deliver it in a normal red letterbox,

or if it is to be picked up from your postbox.

This isn’t new for us who live in the countryside.

We’ve had post like this for years.

11 kroner, I believe it costs. Posten sorts it all out.

I put the letter in there, tie it up, and leave a bit sticking out.

Then he knows what to do?


Eivor has had a hip operation. It’s been a bit difficult to get to the postbox.

Hi! Finally, you get to have some coffee!


- Any letters for me?

- no. Just the newspaper.

- That’s fine.

Thank you!

- What’s that you are making?

Landposttjenesten has existed since 1885.

The cities have followed in our footsteps! Welcome!

Only 150 years late.

If you want to send a letter from your own postbox,

you will have to buy a digital stamp. You get a code,

which you then write on the envelope.

No, that sounds too difficult.

12, 13, 14... there you go.

Thank you very much!

I’ll sort it out back in the car.

That was lovely. See you!


In many ways, the countryside is best.