Kent Ove Bjerknes has been visually impaired his whole life.

He became completely blind nearly seven years ago.

But this doesn’t stop him living his life exactly how he wants.

Kent Ove is the boss at a workshop.

Despite being blind, Kent Ove can carry out exactly the same tasks as the other employees.

- Nice cutting , Robert.

- It was, right?

- Perfect. Almost as if I had done it myself.

Kent Ove is the boss at Mysen Takservice, and owns the company alongside his father.

Even though he is blind, he knows exactly how to cut up and shape sheet metal.

I programme, then make all sorts of metal.

Metal for windows. Everything metal.

He carries out exactly the same tasks

As the 24 other employees in the company.

We don’t see any difference, he does pretty much everything that we do. Amazingly enough.

Many clients who come in

don’t notice that he is blind.

- There are many who come in and say «can you take a look at this drawing?»

The machines create several tonnes of pressure, and it can be dangerous for the fingers.

But Kent Ove’s colleagues don’t need to look after him.

- It’s the other way around.

It’s him who looks after us and lets us know.

He is so observant, he has worked with this since he was a small boy.

He’s never trapped his fingers in the machines here, while some of us have.

2.18 and five out to the side. Trust me.

Yes, he is a very kind and good boss.

He’s good to work for.

- Can you check that it’s 2.8?

Kent Ove is a good listener, and knows immediately if something is wrong with his employees.

- He’s very good at managing people, even though he can’t see. Quite amazing.

He knows if we are annoyed or sad or whatever.

He asks if anything is getting in the way.

It’s unbelievable.