Albert Astrup

Finally we’re going to meet 17 year old Albert Astrup.

He posted a message on social network Twitter, about the fact that he is lonely.

He wrote that he didn’t have any friends.

Many were touched by Albert’s words.

Some days later, he got to speak to politicians at the Norwegian Parliament: Stortinget.

It was an excited 17 year old who took some nervous steps through the doors of Stortinget on a Wednesday.

The Tweet he wrote the previous week has led to a meeting with Ingvild Kjerkol and Tuva Moflag from the parliament’s Committee for Health and Care Services

- I see you have posted on Twitter about how things are for you.

- The thing is, I don’t have any friends.

- It’s a bit sad because…

- I am in a way a bit different.

Most people, for example, really want to smoke, drink and party.

But I don’t want to be the kind of person who messes around.


part of the reason perhaps is that I have a disability.

The committee for Health and Care has put forward a proposal to the parliament to combat loneliness.

The proposal, for all ages, aims to make everyday life better for young and old alike.

This proposal is about fighting loneliness.

We have high ambitions for this.

We want everyday life for people like Albert to be better.

- I think Albert is very impressive.

He puts into words what many people feel, and he isn’t scared to be himself.

So he has helped us a lot, placing focus on a problem that many people feel they aren’t able to talk about.

But Albert did.

It’s really nice that they said so many good words. But I hope that the politicians are also going to try to do something about this.

Not just say «yes, we’ll do our best” and then put it to the side.

So I hope something will happen.