The Museum of Children’s Art

A villa in Oslo is home to the International Museum of Children’s Art.

During spring 2018 the museum is exhibiting art made by children from asylum reception centres.

The children love to show off what they have made.

- I drew that, the blue and orange one.

Maybe you are thinking they are a bit small to be artists.

But these children’s artwork is being exhibited at a museum.

- I made the pink one.

Today, children from the Ila and Dikemark asylum reception centres

put their own art on display in the International museum of Children’s art in Oslo.

Over the last 6 months, Emma Davis has visited the asylum seekers

to give children a chance to express themselves creatively.

It is a very vulnerable group.

There is a lot of negativity generally associated with asylum seekers.

Everyday life is very difficult.

I felt that with a creative art project we didn’t need to use language.

No-one was forced to join in,

but everyone was welcome.

One day we made a boat. One day we made flowers.

It is different.

9-year old Joud from Syria lives in the Ila centre.

He wants to carry on with art when he is an adult.

- I will

- Why is that?

- Because it is good to draw.

- She has made that.

8-year old Helen from Eritrea has managed

to make a lot of art during the Autumn.

She’s giving some of it away.

- the other pink one, that’s for my friend.

- Do you think it’s good that it’s hanging up here?

- Yes

- Are you proud?

- Yes!