Women and private finances

A new report from DnB shows that women have a far worse understanding of their personal finances than men.

Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl believes that it’s important for women to take more responsibility and control over their own finances.

Who is the finance minister in this relationship?

That would be me, I think

- Yes, definitely.

A new report from DnB shows that women are letting the men run the finances at home.

Our figures show that in couples, it is usually the man who is finance minister,

while the woman is consumer minister.

Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl belives too few women know

enough about managing their own finances.

I believe the main reason women end up losing out when

relationships end is a lack of financial expertise.

Which of you is the finance minister?

- I think it’s me.

- we are our own finance ministers.

- definitely me.

- why?

- Because I am better at managing finances.

It’s important that women learn about financial knowledge, so they know about the impact.

Once you know the impact, you can make your own choices.

If not, you could be heading for financial ruin.