Vocational education

By 2030, Norway might be short of 100 000 skilled workers.

This is important information for anyone about to make education choices.

Finance Minister Siv Jensen advises that more should choose a vocational education.

- Mind the pipes

- yeah

Olav and Joachim are well underway with their first year as apprentice joiners.

- We’ve got it

- Check that

According to the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise,

in ten years Norway will have a shortage of 100,000 skilled workers.

That means more need to choose vocational studies.

Like Olav and Joachim.

- It’s a good environment, you learn lots

And you get to do things you’re not allowed to do at school.

And that’s always good.

I chose to be a joiner because of my father.

I have gone to work with him since I was small.

Are you sure you made the right choice?


- Good

There’s going to be enough work in the future, I reckon.

- Yes, plenty

We will implement new measures in this area.

There is a public procurement requirement for apprentices.

We must raise the reputation and importance of this.

More will get an apprenticeship when they choose to take a vocational education.

Once you have qualified,

lots of options are open.

If you don’t want to be a joiner,

You can be a foreman or you can work with concrete.

There are many options if you choose a vocational education.

A bit more... that’s it.