Norway sells a lot of fish across the whole world.

For example, In 2017 we exported fish to:

- China, worth 3.3 billion kroner

- USA, worth 5.4 billion kroner

We sell lots of salmon and cod, but also herring.

This film from 2017 is about herring fishing.

It is a dark night in the fishing grounds to the west of Ålesund.

But just below the surface, the water looks like it is

boiling with herring as I board a fishing boat.

We are onboard the Arnøytind, which has just landed a perfect catch.

The nets are heaving with herring.

The tanks are completely full, so another boat has to help them take in the whole catch.

- We came directly from unloading.

- We found a shoal, cast our net

And now we have a full boat, with even a bit left over for our friends.

Well over 300 tonnes of herring squeezed together and hauled onboard.

- Are they good quality herring?

- Yes, they sure are.

They slide down from here right into a cold room for chilling.

That way the quality is even better.

Up on the bridge, the skipper is beaming after a week off the Møre coast.

Yep, there are lots of herring.

- Can you fish as much as you like?

- No we never do that.

We listen closely to the researchers,

That’s the best advice we have.

We can’t do anything else, but

we do see very many herring in the sea.

We feel there might be a bit of

wiggle room on their recommendations.

- there is enough so you could fish more?

- there might be.

- are you being diplomatic?

- Yes. We try as hard as we can.

After landing a catch worth well over a million kroner from one cast, morale is high onboard.

- Yeah, we’ve been in a good mood for a while.

- It’s always good when we catch herring.