When someone is critically ill or injured

seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Even if you ring the emergency services right away,

it’s not always easy to explain where you are.

Now the 113-app has been updated, so it can

tell helpline operators exactly where you are.

Emergency services...

Where are you calling from?

Are you on the east or west side of the water?

Ok, can you see trees?

Do you see a high voltage cable?

We will help you, but first

we need to know where you are.

- Very often people don’t know where they are when they ring 113.

It happens every day.

They don’t know the address, they don’t know the area.

Perhaps they are out in the woods or forest,

and it can be difficult to explain exactly where you are.

For many years, it has been possible to download the «Hjelp 113» app,

but the callers themselves still have to tell the emergency operators

where they are while the minutes tick past.

- If you are critically ill or injured:

Something like a stroke, heart attack or cardiac arrest every second counts.

The Helsedirektorat has researched exactly how

important these seconds are after a heart attack.

- If you can save, for example,

30 seconds of the conversation with

a caller suffering from heart attack,

you could save up to 20 lives each year.

So the app has been improved together with the Norwegian air ambulance.

As of today, the 113 app Has been upgraded so it tells

the Emergency services exactly where you are.

- While you speak with 113 central,

Your telephone will send your position.

Now the health authorities are asking everyone

To install the new «hjelp 113» app.

To achieve what we want to achieve,

and to save lives, everyone must use this app.