In BL in Oslo, bank cards are still king.

Ten percent of the customers are using cash.

The rest are using cards.

For the most part everyone uses cards.

I mostly pay by card.

Vipps can be a bit slow.

A lot of work has been put in to simplify Vipps.



Have you considered using your mobile for small payments?

Yes. As long as it is safe.

As safe as using your bank-card?

Yes, that would be simpler.

Seven years after it was invented, there is now a solution for placing mobile phones on payment card terminals.

Paying by mobile will become even more popular.

It’s much simpler.

You don’t have to go through

Several steps to log in.

This week, the EU have brought in new rules which allow

banks to open up users’ account information to others.

trend-expert Mark Britton believes that companies such as

Facebook and Apple might now take a large slice of the market.

You send messages every day.

It’s already very common.

It is easier to use messaging for payments

than to use other platforms.

But Vipps are confident that the bank solutions will win.

Vipps is Norway’s second biggest app,

Only Facebook is bigger.

We are now launching for the under-15s.

We’re going to grow more.

I don’t agree with him

that they only use the social networks.

I trust Vipps more.

Facebook might be too big.

I don’t know if they can take care of my personal data.

In the long run, the simplest solution will win.

Could facebook be simpler than Vipps?

It could be. But they would have to work hard.