The King’s Horn

This object is priceless.

This object is unique.

There are no other objects like this.

Take a close look at this horn.

It probably looks a lot like most of the drinking horns you’ve already seen.

If you had seen this in a Historical museum in Oslo,

You might have thought.

Look at that completely normal drinking horn.

But, this horn is extremely special.

It is called The Norwegian King’s Horn.

It has a Norwegian king’s weapon here:

A lion holding an axe.

There is much to suggest that Queen Margrete used it for official welcomes.

Queen Margrete was the last queen of Norway

before the country became part of Denmark in 1380.

Queen Margrete was married to The Norwegian King Håkon the 6th in 1363.

But it is not just because it was used in the Norwegian royal court that it is special.

It is important because there are very few artefacts from the

Norwegian Kings of the middle ages.

There are no Norwegian crowns or sceptres.

This drinking horn is one of the very few things which we can connect

directly to medieval Norwegian kings.

Now Toje wants the horn back.

If they can find it in their hearts,

I believe that most Norwegians would think it was very nice

if we could have the horn back with us by the time the new National Museum opens in 2020.

This is an object which is much more important for Norwegian people than it is for Denmark.