Kate and William visit the «Skam-school»

Today was an extra special day to be a pupil at the «Skam School»: Hartvig Nissen in Oslo.

Even though only Tarjei, who plays Isak in the drama, is still a pupil at the school,

the duke and duchess wanted to visit to talk about an issue which is important to them.

Crown Prince Håkon explains to Kate and William about Isak’s character in the drama.

The British couple had not yet seen any episodes of Skam.

The reason for the visit was to take inspiration,

about how they mightraise awareness about mental health issues in the UK.

Inside the school, several of the actors from Skam were waiting.

They had plenty of time to talk about what

The drama meant for young Norwegian viewers.

Usually it’s like

- time to leave now

You expect they’ll only be there For 30 seconds or so.

No. They were here for a good while.

They talked.

Yes. They are really great people.

I spoke in English, so I had to translate inside my own head.

But I tried to saysomething about how it...

...opened things up in a way.

How it can be hard to cope alone.

That it’s a drama which got people to see each other

and realise that we need each others’ love to get through things.

Pretty surreal.

Yes, surreal to meet them.


They are pretty normal, in a way.

They are like people you meet in the street.

There’s the bell, run off to class.

Class! Good bye!