Civil Defence Warning

On Wednesday 11th January

you might have heard three very loud alarm signals.

It was the Norwegian Civil Defence, testing that their crisis alert system

is working as it should.

Norway is a peaceful country.

But once every six months you will hear this sound.

On 11th January the Civil Defence’s

sirens sounded across Norway.

This test happens every six months.

Many people don’t know what the alarm means.

And half of the population don’t even hear it.

Do you know what that noise is?

I simply don’t have a clue.

An air raid warning? I don’t know.

I don’t know what that is.

But there are some who do know what the alarm means.

Yes. It is the Civil Defence.

They are testing the alarm.

It’s important. It means we should be alert and check the news.

Now they are working on an alert which works on mobile phones.

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (or DSB)

are not surprised that there are many who don’t know what the alert means.

We have to raise awareness, so the people know, in a real situation,

what they must do when the alarm sounds.

The DSB hopes they can implement mobile alerts sometime next year.

There’s a greater chance I would have it with me, yes.