The new blue/green government

Just after the new year, Norway got a new government.

While before it was two, now there are three parties in the coalition.

The new party is called Venstre, and they shall govern together with

The Fremskrittspartiet and Høyre.

We also have several new ministers.

One of them is Jan Tore Sanner, minister for education and integration.

And for the first time, Norway has a dedicated minister for the elderly.

She is called Åse Michaelsen

These old age pensioners in Bergen were in a good mood today.

They are excited that Norway has its first minister for the elderly.

You know what? This is a day to celebrate.

Just let it stand as a headline.

Now there will be an end to discrimination in this country.

There are two issues they think the minister for the elderly must prioritise.

She has to consider that there are many of us

and we need lots of nurses and hospital places.

Nursing homes, old peoples’ homes, and not least, healthcare.

Also enough personnel. That is necessary.

Åse Michaelsen can’t promise to deliver on all these wishes,

But she does say this:

I can promise one thing, and that is: as minister for the elderly

and public health I will deliver in the area

that we proposed in our reform “Leve hele livet” – “live your whole life.”

They have built our country and they have made it possible

for us to live the way we live.

They must also have a good life.