Norwegian gas exports

Did you know that millions of Europeans get their energy from Norwegian gas?

In fact, Norway earns

more than 800 million kroner from the sale of gas every day.

Over one hundred million Europeans get their heating,

light and warm water

From Norwegian gas.

The Norwegian gas export industry has never been bigger.

The figures from 2017 are in. They show that the seven pipelines,

the world’s largest offshore system,

have exported gas worth an unbelievable 210 billion kroner.

It is 40 years since Norwegian gas was first piped to Emden in Germany.

And that’s where you are, Klaus Holthe.

Yes. For 40 years, gas has been piped from Norway to here: Emden in Germany.

Germany is still our biggest customer.

But that’s just the start.

In these years, Norwegian gas has become essential for more than

A hundred million Europeans every day.

Karin Gätje collects eggs for her husband Gunther’s breakfast.

They heat their house and cook all their food using gas

which came through the pipes from Norway.

Here in Germany there are very few sources of gas.

We are dependant on imported gas.

The couple live in the small German town of Emden. They are just two of more than

a hundred million Europeans who use Norwegian gas.

The pipelines which stretch all the way from Norway to the gas terminals across Europe

carry huge amounts of gas.

This is where the gas comes in from the North Sea. There are seven pipelines just like this

across Europe.

The amount of energy sent through just one of these pipelines is the same as the entire

production capacity of Norwegian hydroelectric energy.

Today, the figures show that for the third year in a row, Norway

has set an export record.

At today’s prices, Norway can sell gas for about 800 million kroner per day.

But not everyone considers this a cause for celebration.

It is difficult to say that this is amazing news

from an environmental perspective.

It’s because we have already found

too much oil, coal and gas.

It is time for us to slow down, both consumption and production.

But in Germany, there is little appetite for slowing down.

We have a new terminal, which will have a lifespan of 40 years.

We are looking forward to 40 years of gas industry in Germany.

Today, it is estimated that only a third

of Norway’s gas is extracted. Demand has never been higher.

Consumers want more.

We are going to do up our kitchen. We will buy a new cooker.

A big cooker with six burners.

We love making food, and use a lot of gas.