One extra year

The director general of the NHO – the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise – is visiting year 11 pupils in Drammen.

They are running a test project which allows a voluntary extra school year after ungdomsskolen,

for pupils who feel they need it.

This is better for me than videregående.

I can take one thing at a time.

What do you think is best about this?

That we have good relationships with the teachers.

Anything I want to know, I can always come and ask.

This is what’s best for me.

Anything you want to say, Celine?

One in five pupils in Norway leave ungdomsskole without sufficient

skills in Norwegian, English or Maths.

Perhaps they need more time. Or, like Celine, they are so shy

that it is hard to speak up in class.

But today she spoke to the boss of NHO.

I have to congratulate you.

You have a lot of guts to do this.

That’s really great.

Everyone is different.

We often see that those who

do well later in life,

often found things

difficult at school.

There are many ways to achieve your goals, and we must be better

at opening up alternative routes.

Shall we go and see the gingerbread house?

Skogen Lund thinks the idea of a voluntary extra school year is good.

So good that perhaps it should be implemented across the whole country to reduce

the number of pupils who drop out of videregående school.

Done it!

The goal is to have the most opportunities for work.

Do you have plans?

Not really.

But I would like to do something practical, something with my hands.

A conductor?

I would like to be a police officer.