This is Wahab, two years ago.

He lived in an asylum reception centre, and learned Norwegian with his father.

That means ”Good evening”

How are you?

His father couldn’t speak Norwegian either,

but he started to write down words as they sought asylum in Norway.

They hoped that Wahab’s mother and two sisters would be able to come later.

I want my children to live.

I am old, My homeland is Syria...

That’s why I want them to come here.

I want them to grow up in Norway.

This is their homeland.

Wahab learnt Norwegian and maths at school.

He still has some way to go.

To illustrate means to draw.

Now it is him teaching Norwegian to his father.

When you come to a new country, you must first learn the language.

Who told you that?

My father.

He has told me that it is smart to spend time with boys from Norway,

and not from Syria.

I listen while they are talking and learn the language.

In 2015, there were more asylum seekers than

there are seats in Norway’s biggest football stadium.

31,150 people.

More than 16,000 got to stay in Norway.

Everyone from Syria got residency permits,

but only temporarily – for five years.

There have been family reunifications for many who came in 2015.

Over 4700 people have followed their family members to Norway.

After two years alone in Norway, Wahab and his father are going to move.

Because now, his mother and sisters have come to Norway after two years waiting in Turkey.

Wahab’s mother has stopped wearing a niqab and refuses to be seen on TV.

The siblings will try to settle down in Norway.

I can do my homework by heart.

And now, Dad has taken out his old papers with Norwegian words.

That means ”I don’t get it”.

”I don’t understand”