From early in the morning, people were queuing outside Domkirken.

They wanted to see Kari Veiteberg’s ordination as a new bishop.

We know Kari from Tøyen Church, and we think she’s fantastic.

We wanted to be here for her.

The new bishop worked for many years as a priest among the most needy on the streets of Oslo.

Veiteberg started her first sermon as bishop by talking about the #metoo campaign.

The victims have felt guilt and shame themselves,

while the same words are like water off a duck’s back to those who have done the real harm.

I believe now that the “meeto” campaign really has

opened the lid on this problem, and that it has been the start of

actually having the courage to put it into words.

The bishop spoke about the battle for equality,

and that the church must welcome gay members.

While Oslo’s former bishop was against gay marriage in church,

Veiteberg has been a strong supporter.

I was happy about the decision taken at the church council meeting last year,

That if people wish to be part of the church, they can be part of the church.

How will being a bishop be influenced by your background as a street priest?

It will definitely be an influence.

As I have written and said:

I know both the daytime and nighttime in this city.

I am influenced by all the experiences I have had and all the people I have met.