The Reflector-Man

We met Thomas in this Listed workplace called “Vedsentralen”. Wood central.

I think it’s really good fun to do my job here.

It makes me happy to have a job like this.

Just to have work.

But he doesn’t only work during the day.

I have an evening job.

I am the reflector man.

Reflector man?

That’s what they call me.

Do you want a reflector?

And... he’s off.

He has given away more than a thousand reflectors.

and even has his own sponsor.

Do you want a reflector, kid?

Yes please.

Thanks a lot.

Good bye!

He started his own campaign on Facebook,

saying that far too many people go walking without a reflector.

Bad things can happen.

They’re on the road, and suddenly a car can run them over.

It’s not good.

I want to stop it.

That’s why I give away reflectors.

Trygg Traffik (Safe Traffic) believes that Thomas has helped to save lives.

Because there are many accidents.

I think the work you are doing is really good, Thomas.

Very good.


We think we could do with more people like Thomas.

Thomas has also sent a reflector to the king,

and he received a reply from his secretary.

She wrote that the King was grateful for the reflector.

and that I should continue doing what I am doing.

Keep going, it said.

From the King!

What do you think about the job he’s doing.



Watch carefully.

The man on the right is nearly impossible to see.

But if he used a reflector, you would see him much more easily.

It is easy to be seen near roads.

Just wear a reflector or two.

But there are many who forget.

I don’t think about it.

How do you think motorists can see you in the dark?


A reflector doesn’t light up itself.

It is made up of very small mirrors or glass beads.

When light shines on a reflector,

it reflects the light back to where it came from.

With a reflector, motorists can see you 140 metres away.

That gives drivers 10 seconds to react.

Without a reflector, you are only visible from 25 metres.

Drivers have less than 2 seconds to react.

There are many different types of reflector.

You can use reflector tags, bands or vests.

Some items of clothing can even have reflectors built-in.